The Nation Meeting
The Nation Meeting is the nation’s highest governing body. It’s held twice per semester and all members of Kalmar Nation are welcome and allowed to vote. The nation meetings are where budgets are approved and balancing books closed. It is also where new members of the kuratel, as well as foremen, are elected.

The Board of Seniors:
The board of seniors is akin to a company board and is the highest governing body, second only to the nation meetings. Their job is to oversee the job the kuratel does as well as supporting them in their efforts. The board of seniors is comprised of seven members, the Inspector, the Proinspector, the Kurator, Prokurator ekonomi and Prokurator social. The Källarmästare and Notarie are always co-opted and the Notarie is the designated secretary at meetings. The seven members of the board are also folded into five branches, each overseeing a part of the nation’s activity. The five branches are purchasing, economy, PR, novisch- and activity and spex.

The kuratel
The kuratel is nation’s highest executive body. It consists of five members: Kurator, Prokuratorekonomi, Prokurator social, Källarmästare and Notarie. The Kurator deals with administrative matters, such as the member system, reservations, scheduling as well as representing the nation in various other boards an cooperations. Prokurator ekonomi is in charge of the nation’s finances and is responsible for the budget, balancing the books as well as invoices and payments. Prokurator social is responsible for purchasing the nation’s food as well as maintaining the contact with the foreman corps. The källarmästare ensures that everything runs smoothly at the nation’s venue, as well as purchasing alcoholic beverages. The main responsibility of the Notarie is marketing and visibility in social media. She/he is also the secretary at nation meeting, meetings with the board of seniors and other official meetings.

The foremen
Kalmar Nation has around 30 foremen who are responsible for the various sections. Some sections have more than one foreman, such as the pubs. As a foreman at Kalmar Nation, you are a part of an incredible community and you are allowed to partake in several special events!