Are you a new student at Lund University? First of all, let me say congratulations from all of us here at Kalmar Nation! Lund is an incredible city to be a student in with one of the world’s best and most unique student life. One of the biggest contributing factors to this are the nations, volunteer organisations whose primary function is to arrange social events, pubs, clubs, banquets, provide accommodation and much more, exclusively for students!

At Kalmar Nation, we put a lot of emphasis on community and a feeling of belonging. We want our members to find a home away from home and a place they feel like they can go regardless of their mood. Kalmarites are there for each other, through thick and thin! We are a pub nation with two really cozy pubs with a wide selection of beverages and great food, one on Tuesdays and one on Fridays. Here you can always find talkative and welcoming kalmarites! So come pay us a visit and get a feel for the “Kalmar spirit”! We guarantee you’ll feel like home!

Kalmar nation is the small nation in central area of the University. Here everyone is welcome to take part in the great community we create here! Kalmar nation is proud of to have many international students and we arrange Lund’s only spex(comedy play with song) in English, so if you want to meet people all over the world or live out your theater dreams Kalmar nation is where you should go!

If you are new at Kalmar nation you should join our novisch week!

Novisch will be divided into groups. Each group will have mentors to take care of them and guide them through challenges and loads of fun.

After you sign up your mentor will contact you and you will get all the information you need!

More information about signing up for the novisch week will be up in August!


Kalmar nation’s novischeri