Kalmar Nation was founded on the 29th of Febuary 1696 when the “Konsistoriet” (what we today call the university’s board of directory) decided during a meeting that “Calmarienses, Junekopienses and those from Visingsö” were to form a nation. It is possible that the kalmarites originally belonged to Smålands Nation, however on this daym they would get a nation of their own. Erland Lagelöf, proffessor of roman eloquence, was named inspector.

In 1767, Kalmar Nation joined with Östgöta and Västgöta Nation to form the “Götiska Nation”. This was because the smaller nations in Lund did at the time have very few members. The Götiska Nation remained for 50 years, however in 1817, the three nations decided to go their separate ways, and Kalmar Nation was once again an independent nation.

One of the most significant events in the nation’s history took place on March 21st 1897. Storaste Kroppkakan, Kalmar Nation’s bal, was held for the first time. To this day it is the oldest bal in Lund, having existed for 118 years. It retains most of it’s original traditions, which makes it a very appreciated and joyous party! This is where “potäterna” (roughly translates as “the taters”) are granted insight into the secrets of the kroppkaka (a kind of dumpling made out of potatoe, filled with pork and allspice) and where the eating contest to see who can devour the most of these delicious treats is held. As far as the records go, the current record is held by Markus Johansson, who ate no less than 20,5.

If you are interested in learning more about Kalmar Nation and Storaste Kroppkakan, there are several texts that can borrowed from the nation’s office.