Becoming Foreman!

Do you want to take the next step in your nation commitment and become elected to a position of trust but don’t know how the election process works you have come to the right place!

The nation has three nation meetings per semester. During these meetings we elect Tjänstemän, Förmän, kuratel, seniors and the nomination committee. Kuratel, nomination committee and seniors posts are generally for those who have been förman and have an insight in the nation.

Tjänstemanna posts and förmanna posts are for the nation’s members who work at the nation and now want to take the next step in their nation commitment.

How do I apply?

The posts that are available are announced by the nomination committee the Monday three weeks before the nation meeting. It’s open to candidate and nominate for a week by filling in a form that is published on Facebook.

If you candidate or get nominated the nomination committee will call you to schedule an interview.


At the interview nomination committee will ask you questions regarding the post you applied for. If you apply for a foreman post you can be asked what that post entails, if you apply to be a foreman for a basement section you can be asked how much you have worked. The nomination committee’s job is to make sure you are appropriate to become a förman.
After the interview it will take a while and then the nomination committee will call to let you know if you have been nominated or not. If you have been nominated you come to the Nation meeting and will answer questions there. If the meeting thinks you are appropriate for the position you will be elected.

Counter proposal

If you haven’t been nominated by the nomination committee you can go up as a counter proposal by sending an email to, this can happen if there are several people applying for the same post or if election board finds that you are not suited for the post.

If you miss the nominating period due to an exceptional reason you can go up as counter proposal until the Sunday before the nation meeting by sending an email to 

How do I prepare?

This might seem scary or hard but it isn’t. To prepare for the interview and the nation meeting you can talk to the förman sitting now for the post you want to apply for. If you don’t know who is the förman you can email and ask.
Becoming förman is a lot of fun! There is something for everyone depending on what you are interested in. It’s seldom someone doesn’t get elected if they know what the post means and have worked at the section they are applying for.