Kalmar Nation is the only nation in Lund with two residential buildings in two different parts of Lund.

Kalmargården (“The Kalmar Estate”) is located on Biskopsgatan and is our primary nation facility in which all nation related activities take place. The office is on the first floor and the pub is the basement. Kalmargården also contains 4 apartments and 18 corridor rooms, spread out over 4 floors. It is a very cozy place to live and is situated very close to the city center. Lundagård and the AF-building is only a few blocks away and the University library is just 150 meters down the street! If you would like more information about Kalmargården or would like to get on the housing list, please contact our house foreman, Sofia, at or via phone at +46768-23 25 41

Over at Måsvägen you’ll find Kalmar Västra (“Kalmar West”), where we facilitate 40 corridor rooms and 12 apartments. As it is not situated quite as close he city center as Kalmargården, the rent is slightly lower, but the atmosphere is just as cozy and “kalmaresque”. Would you like to move into Kalmar Västra or do you have any questions? Just get in touch with our western house foreman Hani at or via phone at +46764-26 97 91

Our housing queue work as so that you get points depending on how long you have been a member, if you are already living in one of our houses and how active you are. This means that the more active you are the easier it is to get housing.