During the school year, Kalmar Nation host five traditional sittnings for the nation members with festive meals that the Sexmästeri organises.

The Novischfest is organized at the beginning of each semester, both in the fall and in the spring, and is for the nation's new members to experience the student life and Kalmar Nation through a three-course menu with song, choir and other performances.

The Song Book Singthrough is held during the middle of the autumn term and is intended to update the nation's members about the Kalmar Nations songbook content. The goal of the sittning is to try to get through all the songs in one evening. To reach this goal, a five-course menu is served.
The Christmas Party consists of  a Christmas buffet with three servings, Christmas drinks, Christmas carols and everything that belongs to Christmas! The Christmas party is held in early December.
The Spring Party usually takes place in the end of the spring term and celebrates the spring through a pre-drink in the thriving garden, singing and three seasonal dishes.

These sittnings have different dress codes to follow, which are included in the event description for each sittning. After each sittning, there's also an after-party where we open up the bar and arrange dance floor for the ones who want to dance!

If you are interested in attending a sittning, the best way to get more information is through our facebook or swin by the office during opening hours and have The Kuratel tell you more! 

Apart from our Sexmästeri arranged sittnings we also have several thank-you sittnings for our actives and Sittning for Dummies.

The Thank-You Sittnings are entirely free for everyone that has been working during the semester and is held approximately every second month. They usually have different themes to dress up to. During these sittnings we give out awards for the best workers of the term and the best costume. 
Sittning for Dummies is a relatively new tradition at Kalmar Nation. Just like the Novischfest this one is held in the beginning of each semester and is a chance for the ones who has never been to a sittning to get explained how they work. These sittnings never have a dress code as it's an introduction to student life in Lund and those who  recently moved here might not have thought of their fancy clothes being useful. 


Are you an organisation or community within Studentlund who wishes to rent Kalmar Nation for your own pub night or sittning? Contact for more information on how to do so.