The Office

Normally you will find the Kuratel in the office. The Kuratel are here to maintain the nation. If you have issues with Studentlund, your membership or some general questions regarding the nation you are more than welcome to swing by! 

Opening hours: 11:00-14:00 from Monday to Friday
Tuesdays and Fridays: 18:00-19:00
Phone Number: 046-14 36 70

The Kuratel

The Kuratel consists of the Kurator, Prokurator Economy, Källarmästare and Notary.


Sofia Janson

Phone:  0768-232541

The Kurator is one of our full-timers. She can be found in the office every weekday between 11-14. Sofia is responsible for the administrative work and taking table reservations. She can answer most of the questions you have regarding the nation, your membership, and, well, she actually almost knows everything. 


John Middleton
Phone: 073 - 68 77 786

Prokurator Economy is also one of our full-timers. You can find him on the office every weekday as well. John is responsible for the nation's economy by handling the budget, bookkeeping and other economy related issues. 

Benjamin Browne

The Källarmästare is one of the half-timers of the nation, which means that he won't be as available as the Kurator and PQe. Ben is responsible for maintaining the basement through making bigger or smaller renovations and ordering alcohol, soda, and other consumables. 

Mee Lindberg

Phone: 072 - 00 80 503

The Notary is also one of the half-timers. Mee is responsible for writing protocols during different meetings within the nation, and marketing. If you have any requests on things you would like Kalmar Nation to promote online, or would like us to hang something up, she is the one to contact.