Congratulations to all the newly admitted students!

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We would like to congratulate you that you have been accepted to Lund University and welcome you to the incredibly beautiful city of Lund!

In Lund, besides student unions, there are also student nations. It is voluntary to belong to both the unions and nations, but in order to gain access to student life, we strongly recommend that you become a member.

The best way to get to know the rich student life in Lund is through your nation. It’s a great place to get to know other students from different educations, to get friends and to make valuable contacts that last forever.

The nation’s most important task is to make sure that the new students feel welcome in Lund and find themselves well prepared. As a new student, you are called novisch and you are only novisch during your first semester in Lund. So take advantage of this time when the nation’s novisch hosts have arranged various events and activities just for you who are novisch. The only task of the novisch hosts is to make sure that you will enjoy your time in Lund.

When you register with Kalmar nation, you also get a mentor who becomes your personal contact with the nation. Your mentor will help you with questions about Lund and student life, and also guide you through our novisch week.

The nation completes your studies with socializing, parties and leisure activities. Therefore we run pubs on Tuesdays and Fridays. We also serve lunch on Thursdays. Everything is sold for student-friendly prices, for example it’s 25 kr for a draft beer and 35 kr for lunch. In addition to this we also organize a number of parties where both old and new kalmarites meet.

The best way to get active in the nation is by working at one of our pubs. The nation also has its own spex (musical comedy theatre), the only English spex in Lund! In addition, you can engage in the media section, choir or you can come to one of our game nights. For the sports-oriented, we have a post called sports and outdoor activity foreman. The sports foreman can organize many different sport activities. If we do not have what you’re interested in, we can certainly make it happen!

As a new student in Lund, you may not know where to live. Kalmar nation owns 58 corridor rooms and 16 apartments. We have two residential buildings, one in central Lund and one in the western part of the city. The rent is very low and we have two rent-free months during the summer. Send an email to one of our house foremen if you have questions about housing;, Application forms are available at our office.

You are welcome to sign up at our office at Biskopsgatan 12, weekdays from 10.00 – 18.00 and even Tuesdays and Fridays between 18.00 – 19.00. Please note that registration will start on August 21st.


Do not forget to bring your admission letter and ID!


Have a good time until then and call me if there’s something you’re wondering about! We are here to help you adapt as a new student in Lund!

Come as you are!



Zeynep Uca

0707-60 37 83

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