The Kalmarspex has existed in its current incarnation since 2009. For those of you not familiar with the concept, a spex is a theatrical play with musical elements, written and performed by students. In the spring of 2012, the Kalmarspex became the first spex in the history of Lund to perform a spex created from the ground up in English. This is a tradition that has lived on and has greatly contributed to the fact that the spex continues to grow ever larger every semester. At this time, it is still the only spex performed in English.

The Kalmarspex is always looking for new people, and not just those who want to be on stage. They are looking for people to play in the band, artists to design and paint backdrops, crafty people to build props etc. There is a place for everyone in the spex family!

For more information on the spex’s activities, check out their Facebook page! If you have any questions or want to reserve tickets, you can reach the spex foremen at kalmarspexarna@gmail.com.

This Spring

The year is 1692 and the peaceful atmosphere of the small town of Salem, Massachusetts, is about to be shattered. What follows is a tale of paranoia, the paranormal, and other things that begin with ‘para-‘.

‘Salem’ is a musical, comedic and cautionary production by KalmarSpexarna, Lund’s only English-speaking Spex.

Show dates:
8th of April, 20.30 – PubSpex. Food and drink will be served.
9th of April, 19.30
10th of April, 19.30
12th of April, 19.30

All shows are open to students and non-students (including the PubSpex, contrary to previous years). Doors open at 19.00.

Tickets cost 80 SEK for students, 100 SEK for non-students. Tickets can be reserved by emailing spex@kalmarnation.nu, and paid for at the door. Alternatively they can be purchased at the office at Kalmar Nation during office hours (10:00-13:00 on weekdays).

We hope to see you there!