Kalmar Nation’s “sexmästeri”-parties
Throughout the year, there are, according to tradition, five sittnings offered to the nation’s members, prepared by our “sexmästare” (which basically means those in charge of the finer dining and larger banquets).

The Novisch-party occurs at the start of every new semester and is dedicated to the nation’s new members. This is their first chance to properly experience student life in Lund and at Kalmar Nation by enjoying a three course dinner filled with songs, choir performances and much more.

In the middle of the autumn semester, a sittning dedicated to the nation’s songbook is held. This is to make sure that the members of the nation are kept up to date on the book in question. The goal of the sittning is to sing every single song in the songbook before the night is over. In order to make buy enough time to sing as many songs as possible, a wonderful five course dinner is served.

At the annual Christmas party, we prepare a buffet (or “smörgåsbord”, if you will) of traditional Swedish holiday dishes, themed beverages, Christmas songs and everything that comes with the holidays! The Christmas party takes place in early December.

The Spring Party usually occurs at the end of May to celebrate the arrival of spring. It consists of a starter drink in the blooming garden, singing and a seasonally themed menu.

Renting the venue
Are you part of an organisation or society looking to rent Kalmar Nation for a pub night or sittning? Contact for more information.